Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recycled Packaging & Using Up Stash

One thing I love about Prima products is the beautiful packaging it comes in, and I always keep the backing card from their flowers. This one was literally just stuck onto the card base as is. It has a lovely pearl finish on it and the greenish blue colour has a real mermaid vibe about it. It doesn't take ink too well, so the sentiment is a little faded, but it doesn't rub off or anything. I added some die cut flowers from PTI's The Sweet Life and there you have it. I really like the colours of this card. I wish I could buy paper like this, it takes the hard work out of making cards lol.

This was another quick card. My aunt ambushed me with an order for 5 cards, which were needed right away. (Is it just my family that does this?) I made this felt embellishment months ago and promptly forgot about it. I added a strip of PTI's heart border underneath the flower and stuck a tiny tag with it. All of these bits and pieces had been pre-made, stamped and cut ages ago, so on they went in no time at all. 
Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Emily Peacock Tapestry- The Meeting Place.

I was sorting through some stuff today and came across this tapestry. It was my first attempt at needlework and was a HUGE undertaking for a beginner project. It took the guts of a year on and off and by the time I finished, I was sick of the sight of it! I must get it framed and onto the wall, as its so vibrant. It doesn't look that way in the photo, but we don't seem to be getting any natural light these days. So hard to get decent photos of anything.

The kit was bought from Emily Peacock and she has some fantastic designs available. I have always wanted to make the Hug and Kiss pillows. I think they were featured on that Kirstie Allsop crafting programme.

I love this new design as well.

And this older one too!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Cursed Cross Stitch!

Pattern from Wee Little Stitches.

Well it's finished. I think I might have jinxed myself by posting about it before it was completed. After stitching the next three letters, I realised I had used a kind of ecru colour instead of white. My mum insisted she couldn't notice it and I believed her for a while. Once I finished it, I knew it would annoy me for ever more, so I redid those few letters. Thankfully that was the last of the disasters with this one. Onwards and upwards! Ethan decided that his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cross stitch wasn't big enough, so he has chosen the X-Men instead (all 12 of them....sigh)