Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've finally made something!!

Lord, I have done nothing in ages. I lost all desire to craft for a while. However that changed when my ATG gun arrived in the post this morning. WOW!! It is amazing. I got this one from 3M Select and it was only £11.59 on sale with free delivery. I got it with half inch and 3/4 inch tape. I am officially a convert and would recommend anyone to get one. Rave over!! But seriously, I wanted to do a simple layout to test it out and this one took about 5 minutes to knock together. It makes matting and layering a breeze. I was having a lot of problems with paper peeling off cards; the DS tape I was using just wasn't cutting it, but that is a thing of the past!! I will try and get a few more things up tonight as I expect I will be crafting for the day!!

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  1. Fab - I love the layout you've used on this and the papers match the images perfectly. x


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