Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Bauble Wreath

I saw this bauble wreath idea on Eddie Ross and had to have a go. I used about 70 baubles from Homebase, using two different packs so I could mix up the colours. Think it cost about €7 to make altogether. They recommend using smaller baubles to fill in the gaps but mine are all the same size. I think it looks ok once you wiggle them around to hide the hanger. I just need to get some wide ribbon to cover up the hanger at the top. I love sparkly things at Christmas!!


  1. Hi Emma - your bauble wreath looks very professional - we have a similar one made from large SILVER CAT BELLS - it is currently banned from being hung on a door as it is far too noisy! Mary

  2. Thanks Mary, love the idea of one made of cat bells. Sounds gorgeous :)


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