Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Cards Using PTI Background Stamps.

I'm loving this Ikat background stamp from PTI. There is such a great variety of uses for it, from backgrounds to simple, one image cards. I can't wait to explore its uses a bit more.
This second card uses a rainbow background. This one is very versatile as well, as you can go wild with the different colour combos. These have been my go-to stamps for quick cards for a while now.

I haven't really had much time to make cards lately, as life has gotten in the way.

I know my poor blog has been so neglected lately, but I hope to start posting again. There will probably be a bit more variety, and hopefully some tutorials in the pipeline. I've missed posting so will look forward to getting back into it.


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  1. Those stamps make such aa great background, my shakey stamping wouldn't be up to it :) baby boom in your area lol you'd want to mass produce. cute cards!


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