Monday, September 2, 2013

Ikat Birthday Wishes


I made this fun and colourful birthday card, using one small stamp from PTI's Ikat stamp set. I seem to keep going back to pink and green as a combo. It just makes me smile!

I had every intention of getting some serious sewing done today, but my craft room was so untidy, I just had to clean it. My fabric stash is quickly outgrowing it's current storage space, so I had a scout around for some ideas. I saw a lot of talk about using comic book boards. You can see an example in the photo below. I think it would be the best use of my space, if teamed with a Billy bookcase from Ikea.

Aren't they pretty all lined up!

Photo credit: Smashed Peas and Carrots

If any other fabric fanatics have some suggestions for storage, please share!



  1. That picture makes me want to go fabric shopping! I keep mine in an Ikea expedit shelf and other storage containers, not very stylish.

    1. I know Maria, it looks gorgeous, doesn't it! You can't beat Ikea for storage alright. I was thinking of the Expedit as well. Must look into it, thanks!

  2. ohhh those fabrics are divine! I could just stroke them and purr :)


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