Thursday, December 6, 2012

By Request of Ethan

Last night Ethan asked me if I would make him a bag for bringing some cars down to his Nanny's house. He picked out everything from the fabric down to the zip. For a four year old, he's very sure of what he likes! Another one of his criteria was it had to stand up by itself, so I tried boxed corners for the first time and it worked out fairly well.
Birch Fabrics- Cars in Cream and Kona Turquoise for the lining, both from Fluffy Sheep Quilting.

Sorry for the dark photos, but it's such a wintery day here. I miss natural light :(



  1. You've built up a fine stash of material already! You'll have a bag for everything at the rate you are going!

  2. Fat quarters are great for getting a few different patterns in one go. I love having stacks of bags for organising things lol.


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