Monday, December 3, 2012

Envelope Cushion

During a recent visit to Ikea, I bought a load of fabric. For this cushion, I used the Eivor Leva and an old black pillow case for the back. The cushion insert is 20x20" and is also from Ikea. The insert was only €6 and it's really comfy and chock full of stuffing. I'm making these as part of my mum's Christmas present. One down, three to go!


  1. Omg that's gorgeous! Love that material! Any little left over bits? I want to make a Bow tie for Eli for Christmas Day. I'm so glad I didn't look at ikeas fabric, I'd've bankrupt!

  2. I have plenty, will give you some during the week. Their fabric is really well priced actually, this one was €8 a metre.


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